About Us

Law Office Cogito is a general practice law firm. We take assignments from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as from individuals in various civil law matters. Our focus is on providing quality legal services in a range of practice areas across Finland. Our particular field of specialization is in the commercial agreements between companies; including agreements with IPR issues.

We can also oversee and represent your legal interests in Finland. We can provide services in Finnish and English.

Our office is located at the Toimistotalo Otso (Office Building Otso), Kotka, Finland.


Toimistotalo Otso is located in the beautiful Karhula Industrial Park, Kotka, Finland. The core of the industrial park is comprised of the factory area established on Karhulanniemi at the end the 19th century. Nowadays completely new kinds of small and medium-sized businesses are located in the area.

Please note that the area is an access-restricted industrial site. Access via William Ruth's street or Pajatie street. Car parking available via Pajatie. At the location, please follow the Visitors -signs to the visitors' parking area at address Antintie 5.

Visitors will receive a pass from the industrial park service company Coor Service Management, address Antintie 5, tel. (+358) 10 234 2121.

You can also contact us directly and we will arrange all the details for a meeting.

Please find the map below for your convenience.

Law Office Cogito

Toimistotalo Otso (Office Building Otso), 5th floor, 507
Karhula Industrial Park
Pajatie 69 48600 Kotka, Finland
Phone: +358 45 11 49 160
Email: contactus(at)cogitolaw.fi

Postal address
Law Office Cogito
PO Box 18 48601
Kotka, Finland

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